How to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

Aug 05, 2016
How to Preserve Ontario Fruits and Vegetables

During summer and fall I always feel spoiled by the amount of fruits and vegetables available to buy at local markets. From strawberries and peaches to eggplant and fava beans - there’s always an opportunity to eat or incorporate a fresh and healthy fruit and vegetable.

Thanks to Ontario’s protected Greenbelt, I will be able to get my local food fix for generations to come!

The only problem that I have is how to enjoy local food all year round. Greenhouses have allowed us to eat local tomatoes and cucumbers, and the farmers in the Holland Marsh have provided us with many root vegetables for the winter months.

But how can I enjoy in-season fruit and vegetables all year long? By preserving of course!

In this blog I have outlined three methods: by pickling, by freezing, and by making jam. Click on the fruit or vegetable for the recipe.

Keep visiting this blog for more recipies.

Pickled - using salt as a preserving agent


Green Tomato

Cucumber (coming soon)

Frozen - using cold tempetures as a preserving agent

Fava Beans

Sour Cherries



Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet

New: Cranberry Beans

Jam - using sugar as a preserving agent


– Andreea Nicoara

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