What to do with Fava Beans?

Jul 27, 2016
Fava Beans

Fava beans are a lesser known pod from the bean family; but they add subtle sweet taste to any dish and they cook very quickly - only 1 minute in boiling water.

At home we usually remove the pods, and the shells from each bean, and then freeze them. If you buy the smaller younger looking fava beans you won’t need to remove the outer layer of each bean.

Removing the beans from the pods, and then de-shelling each bean does take time, but I like the versatility of this bean. You can add it to any dish to increase the amount of vegetables eaten per day. Making a rice or pasta dish? Just add a few fava beans. Want to make a quick butter and wine saute with any in-season vegetables, like mushrooms? Just add some fava beans!

Thanks’ to our protected Greenbelt, we can ensure to have locally grown fruits and vegetables all year long!

– Andreea Nicoara

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