In-season Fruits and Vegetables: Mid-October

Oct 15, 2015

Get out and explore the many food options provided by Ontario’s Greenbelt before the season ends! Now is the time to take your family to the closest pumpkin picking farm just in time for halloween, find the best bulbs to plant for spring at a local nursery, or visit local wineries to get the juciest of the fall bounty.

We challenge you to try incorporating more in-season local produce in your everyday meals and snacks. To get you started you could try replacing or adding to the snacks you and your family enjoy with fresh in-season local fruits and vegetables.

Tip 1: Add chopped carrots, pears, apple, and cauliflower in a container to snack on as you work.

Tip 2: Bring a jar lunch to work with the best fall has to offer: beets plus your favourite addition (rice, quinoa…maybe barley with a vinaigrette).

Tip 3: Try our beet, leek potato, or butternut squash soup. On the weekend, I make large batches of soups using in-season local products and I store the soups in sealed 500 ml jars. It makes it very easy for me to grab a jar in the morning and take it to work!

Tip 4: Pick your favrouite vegetable or fruit and pickle it! Use this recipe as a base.

Tip 5: Zucchini’s time for this year is almost up. Get them before they’re gone and make some zucchini bread!

To help you get the most of the products available for the remainder of October, we’ve pulled together a list with the products you could be enjoying during breakfast, lunch and dinner - don’t forget about dessert! Click on the fruits or vegetables to see a list with the closest farm or farmers’ market that sells the product. Don’t forget you can still stock-up on garlic!











Bok Choy



While at your local farmers’ market or farm don’t forget to pick up local honey and maple syrup to sweeten up your favourite dishes. Add a new layer of flavour to your dishes with local herbs - try adding basil to any tomatoe dishes to add a complimentary favour to the sweet taste of tomatoe.

– Andreea Nicoara

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