What's in a Label: Ontario Food and Farming Terms Defined

May 06, 2016
Food and Farming Terms Defined

Recently in the news there has been some buzz about the correct meaning of certain local food and farming practices, often our perceptions of these terms are not accurate!

While going to your favourite farm or farmers’ market this season to buy in-season local food, we are inundaded with words such as “Artisan”, “Conventional”, “Free-Run”, and “No Antibiotics”. Often I make educated assumptions on what these terms mean and how they impact the way my food is grown and raised.

Luckly, in 2014 the Greenbelt Farmers’ Market Network published a glossary on food and farming terms. The result was an informative print brochure that breaks down all the language that typically floods food talk.

Covering general terms, produce, meat, and certification systems, the guide looks at language used to describe a vast myriad of food products. Now, you have the tool to find what’s right for you.

To view the glossary, please click here.

– Andreea Nicoara

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