Meet the Farmer — Tim Case of Naquabi Boer Goats

Jul 16, 2015

Tim Case, of Palgrave Ontario, raises Boer goats for breeding stock!

GreenbeltFresh: How did you get in the goat industry?

Tim Case: In 2007 a summer issue of Small Farm Canada, featured an article on small scale goat farming. The idea of raising goats, and in particular the Boer goat was more than just an idea. We attended the International Goat Symposium in Lindsay that featured speakers from all around the world, and interesting breakaway seminars. Next we attended the Caprine Classic in 07 in London Ontario. We attended seminars, and watched Boer goats, and their handlers compete for the best goat in their class, as they where critiqued by a renowned judge by the name of Anton Ward. Soon after we purchased a small herd, built a barn, and began to fence our property to pasture raise our Boer goats.

GreenbeltFresh: What type of goats do you raise and why?

Tim Case: We raise Boer goats primarily for breeding stock and a small number is sold annually for meat consumption. We raise the Boer goat because it is a breed that can have offspring that will be able to send to market in a short period of time.

GreenbeltFresh: What is your take on the industry?

Tim Case: The goat industry is growing; producers can’t meet the demand for the increasing numbers of fresh goat meat the consumer wants. Through organizations like Ontario Goat, education for consumers and producers are widely available through many initiatives, and projects.

GreenbeltFresh: Can you describe any specific challenges, or successes you have had in raising goats?

Tim Case: Raising goats takes a lot of time and effort. We have put considerable time and effort with our goats, and have been rewarded with does that have good mothering instincts with lots of milk to raise healthy stock for our operation to continue with repeated success.

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