Kick start your culinary adventure by taking a look at regional food guides!

Jul 30, 2015

Home to some of the most productive agricultural lands in the province, Ontario’s Greenbelt provides us with almost 2 million acres of solutions. You can enjoy all the products that are grown in our Greenbelt straight from the people who grow them.

Form Northumberland County where you and your family can purchase apples of almost every variety, all the way to Niagara Region, which is home to 1.9 million tender fruit trees that produce about 800,000 baskets of fruit and 84 VQA wineries - the Greenbelt has a food product and drink for everyone!

Local regional groups and municipalities have taken the time to produce brochures and guides with all the farms and markets that their regions have to offer. When taking your next vacation in Ontario’s protected Greenbelt, make sure to read up on the wide variety of farms and markets available by region:

1. Northumberland County - Produced by Northumberland County, you can read all about the wide variety of farms that dot Northumberland County’s landscape.

2. Kawartha Lakes - Kawartha Choice has created a brochure with all the farms, farmers’ markets, restaurants, retail, and wineries in the Kawartha Lakes region.

3. Durham Region - Durham Farm Fresh has created a brochure to highlight all the mouth-watering food options available in Durham Region. With 5 farmers’ markets and over 55 on-farm markets there are plenty of options for you and your family to try!

4. York Region - Every year York Region publishes a brochure on the numerous on-farm and farmers’ markets that are found in York Region. With 12 farmers’ markets and 29 farms, make sure to check the closest market to you! You can purchase fresh local food and meet the people that grow this delicious local food.

5. Simcoe County - Simcoe County Farm Fresh have created a list with all the farmers’ markets and farms in Simcoe County. With 9 farmers’ markets and 51 farms, you and your family can enjoy a wide range of products - even a cranberry marsh!

6. Grey - Bruce County - Foodlink Grey Bruce has put together a list of the on-farm markets and farmers’ markets that you can visit before and after you enjoy your time in the sun or on a hike.

7. Peel Region - Peel Region has created a tool to highlight all the on-farm and farmers’ market options that are found within the region. With over 30 on-farm markets and 8 farmers’ markets you’re bound to find something that the whole family will love.

8. Wellington County - To support the local food movement, Taste Real out of Wellington County, has prepared a map highlighting the many on-farm and farmers’ markets located in Wellington County. With over 40 on-farm markets and 8 farmers’ markets, you and your family be able to sample from a large variety of products!

9. Halton Region - The Region of Halton maintains an up to date list with all on-farm and farmers’ markets located within the region. With 25 on-farm markets and 7 farmers’ markets, make sure to check them out when you are in Halton this coming year!

10. Hamilton - Eat Local Hamilton has created an interactive map that highlights all the on-farm markets and farmers’ markets in Hamilton area.

11. Niagara Region - Produced by Niagara Families, you can access a list with all the on-farm markets located in Niagara! With over 20 farms, you and your family will have your bellies filled with delicious produce - such as Greenbelt grown cherries.

– Andreea Nicoara

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