The Holland Marsh – Walking the Walk; Talking the Talk from Ontario’s Soup and Salad Bowl

Jul 16, 2015

Welcome to the second of seven video clips that are being brought to you by the Holland Marsh Growers’ Association (HMGA) - and reaction to the first clip, virtually unanimous and overwhelming was … we want more. The HMGA promised more - and, like farmers not only in the Holland Marsh but throughout Ontario and the country, in the face of insurmountable odds presented everyday from Mother Nature - we always deliver.

In fact, the second clip is about just that - delivering on the goods. Farmers walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to such things as growing great healthy, nutritious, and - most importantly - safe food products for our fellow citizens.

The clip is called: Safe Food, Sound Practices

There’s no mystery behind it, particularly from those in the Holland Marsh - and we proudly stand behind decades of experience in growing some of the finest crops in Ontario and beyond. Learn why farmers in the Holland Marsh and area voluntarily utilize industry food safety programs - and learn more about the area’s unique nature through the farmer’s whose fields most of driven through on Highway 400 heading towards a cottage location. We work with a national organization, CanadaGap ( and third party auditors to ensure that the product we are growing and the fresh, healthy wholesome products you are consuming are healthy from the field to fork. Farmers having been growers of healthcare for longer than memory can serve - and we are proud that those efforts continue today.

Without further ado, here is our second clip. Enjoy at your leisure - and please remember that this clip will also be put up on the Holland Marsh Growers’ Association website ( and its YouTube channel. Feel free to pass it on to everyone and anyone. Until next week …

And for those who missed last week’s clip, far be it for us to forget about it: Feeding the Golden Horseshoe & Beyond

Source: Holland Marsh Growers’ Association

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