Farmers' Market: Tracking Market Farmer and Vendor Performance 2009-2015 Report

Feb 04, 2016

In 2015, the Greenbelt Farmers’ Market Network collaborated with Informa Market Research, visiting 30 network markets and interviewing 82 farmers, as well as 26 other market vendors. Results were compared with GBFMN’s 2009 survey to learn about growth and change in the sector. This study is intended to assist farmers’ market vendors and organizers, and inspire the interest and support of market shoppers and funders.

Findings include:

  • Markets appear to be growing stronger as a destination for fresh local food
  • Farmers are deriving more of their business income from markets
  • Local food sales are prompting farmers to grow new varieties and increase acreage for market production
  • 29% of farm vendors report a greater share of revenues from market sales compated to their overall farm business sales
  • farmers are getting fewer complaints about local food prices (15% in 20015 vs 40% in 2009)

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