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Come and bring your kids into the Greenbelt to visit a farm, hunt for chocolate eggs and even make their own...
Savour the Season, Durham Region’s annual culinary festival featuring fresh local food, returns this...

Going to Market Blog

Plotting Your Greenbelt Farmers' Market Tour

May marks the beginning of the farmers' market season. Your weekly market starts up, familiar faces reappear, and your neighbourhood is reenergized after the long winter months. To make sure you don't miss opening season, we've...

Guide to buying your pumpkin in the Greenbelt

I tried writing another nerdy blog, this time about pumpkins. You know, the flavour compounds, the physical structure of the beast, the long and exciting history. Nothing grabbed me. “Pumpkins are related to gourds.” Mmm sn...

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Greenbelt Recipe

Freshness intensifies flavours that come with cooking up local fare in your kitchen. Try these recipes that showcase Greenbelt grown specialities through all seasons.

Farmers' Markets

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