Paisley Farmers' Market

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In 2012, the The Paisley Farmers’ Market came indoors for the first time to celebrate the Late Night Social with the villagers of Paisley, Ontario. Since then the Christmas Market has grown into a Southern Ontario phenomenon. Sadly, primarily because bigger nearby villages opened farmer's markets we wore the farmers thin until there are no true farmers markets left in Bruce County. However, in 2022, Orchard's Landing Paisley has been created. At the summer market at Orchard's Landing we take the produce of many of those same farmers and put them under one roof, with one cashier and provide a country store that certifies that their suppliers are real farmers selling their locally-grown products directly to you, the Ontario consumer. The market is assisted by some volunteers who support the concept of providing locally grown food and deeply desire to support our rural Ontario existence. There are many spin-off benefits for you, your family, the farmers, the community, the province and the future Canada as a whole.
351 Queen St N
Paisley, ON N0H 2N0
Phone Number: (519) 379-7284
Hours of Operation
Open From:
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: Closed
9:00 AM
1:00 PM
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